PLEASE NOTE: The National USCG Auxiliary Life Jacket Observer training is closed.

Thank you USCG Auxiliarists for another productive project year!  You are encouraged to log back in to review courses to refresh for August observations.  Otherwise, we will see you in 2019!

The Life Jacket (PFD) Study Observer Training Program prepares US Coast Guard Auxiliary members and others to conduct boating observations as part of an ongoing research study conducted by JSI Research & Training Institute,Inc. Auxiliarists have been conducting boating observations for this study since 2014. The purpose of the training is to show you how to apply your boating knowledge to our research procedures and protocols to get good, consistent data on life jacket wear rates across the country. Your participation is essential to the success of this important program! 

You should have received your course enrollment key in an email sent by Heather Lisinski. If you have difficulty unlocking your course, contact heather_lisinski

Good luck! We hope you will enjoy the training program.