The EpiC project's Online Index Testing Courses

The Partner and Family-Based Index Testing e-course is designed for HIV testing providers working in health facilities and community HIV testing services (HTS) settings in South Africa. The goal of the course is to enable providers to attain the skills required to provide index testing to eligible clients in an effective and safe manner. The e-course provides information regarding the benefits of index testing, procedures for delivering assisted partner notification, and standards for documenting services. It also includes a set of job aids and downloadable reference materials. The content of this e-course is presented in modular format so that it can be tailored to the needs of the participants. The course for healthcare workers covers the information that an index testing provider must understand to deliver index testing and partner services to clients. The course for supervisors includes additional information on operational, human resource, financial and data monitoring, and supportive supervision considerations when implementing an index testing program. The e-course includes pretest and post-test as well as online quizzes that measure mastery of the content.